Jenny Thorburn

I currently have paintings on show upstairs at the Here restaurant in Lower King's Road in Berkhamsted. These are from the Framed Light series and Signals, and a few others. The exhibition will continue when the restaurant reopens on 18 May 2021.

I largely work in and with the Southern English landscape. I am interested in it as a artefact, ‘reading’ it and drawing attention to the ‘signs’ in it about its history, current activities, and inhabitants (all creatures). I am particularly interested in human activities in the environment, especially at the edges of settlements and the sea. I walk, map, and draw. In the studio I paint, collage, make woodcuts, and altered and artist’s books.
My daily activities as an artist are driven by challenge and experimentation. The work that emerges from this falls into three main themes:
‘The Common’ – about the common land, public access spaces, and trees in and around the town in the Chilterns where I live.
‘Day marks’ – this started with navigational markers for ships, but has expanded to an interest in other objects that stand up from the ground to indicate the unseen, such as utility markers.
Colour and pattern – My aesthetic is strongly trained by making patchworks for most of my life and looking at modern abstract paintings. This particularly emerges in my abstract oil painting.

I have published a small book of my woodcuts 'Frith' which can be bought from me, or through I also have a book of text and photographs of my sculpture called 'Gas Marker'.
I have a shop on Etsy called FallstheShadow, where I sell my prints and smaller items. Alternatively, and for other work (paintings)please contact me via the contact page of this website.

Please note that Pressmore studio, where I used to work, no longer exists, and I am working from home. However, please get in touch if you are generally looking for studio or exhibition opportunities in the Berkhamsted area and I will share what I know.